Third Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, Switzerland

The Third Session of the Global Platform convened May 8-13, 2011 and brought together disaster risk reduction, recovery and reconstruction experts. Over 2,000 policy makers and practitioners, from government, international organizations, NGOs, academia, and the private sector from both developing and developed countries gathered to assess and share information as well as set new directions for the disaster risk reduction imperative, with emphasis on local initiatives and activities. On Tuesday May 10th, Dr. Jane E. Rovins presented a speech on Integrated Disaster Risk: From Research to Practice on the IGNITE Stage. IRDR also co-convened a side event on the issues of “Science Meets Practice – How can Science Contribute to Disaster Risk Reduction?” Science Committee member Kuniyoshi Tacheuchi presented on IRDR Japan and recent activities. Dr Jane E. Rovins presented a speech on Forensic Investigations and Risk – Interpretation to Action projects of IRDR. Other IRDR Science Committee in attendance included Djillali Benouar (Algeria), Angelika Wirtz (Germany), and Maria Patek (Austria).