TACTIC Consortium holds workshop on good practices in disaster preparedness

TACTIC (Tools, methods And training for CommuniTIes and society to better prepare for a Crisis) aims to increase preparedness to large-scale and cross-border disasters amongst communities in Europe. From 13 to 14 October, 2014,  the TACTIC consortium held its first workshop on good practices in disaster preparedness. Hosted by  IMGW-PIB, the workshop took place in Krakau, Poland.

The aim of the Krakow Expert Workshop was to bring together a range of experts from the fields of risk communication and preparedness to discuss preliminary findings of the TACTIC project.

The workshop had three overarching objectives:

  • To define key elements/components of community preparedness
  • Identify ways in which these elements/components of community preparedness can be evaluated
  • Collect examples of (good) practices that could improve the elements/components of preparedness and therefore community preparedness

During the first day of the workshop, a presentation on “The link between risk communication, risk perception and preparedness actions to different hazards” was presented by David Johnston (IRDR SC Chair).

Participants of the Expert Workshop in Poland
Participants of the Expert Workshop in Poland

The results of this workshop will link the work carried out in WP1 (risk perception and preparedness), WP2 (community preparedness audit), and WP3 (preparedness communication and education practices and materials). The findings of these WPs were presented in the community preparedness audit (WP2) which will be further tested and developed through the case studies (WP4-7). The concrete outcomes of this process will be available for end users as part of a long-term learning framework (WP8) presented through an online learning platform (WP9).

The TACTIC project consists of eleven Work Packages (WPs) wherein each of these WPs will produce several deliverables.

For further information please visit workshops page.