IRDR International Centre of Excellence co-hosts ISSC seminar on “Sustainable Urbanization”

The second World Social Science Fellows seminar on sustainable urbanisation, Transformations to Sustainability in Urban Contexts, convened in Taipei last 3 November bringing together 21 scientists who will work together to develop new, interdisciplinary perspectives on social transformations to sustainability in urban contexts.

This ISSC seminar is organized in collaboration with the Academia Sinica and National Taipei University, with support from the International Center of Excellence of the Integrated Research on Disaster Risk Program (IRDR ICoE), in partnership with the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP) and the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change project.

The first two days of the seminar discussed on the construction of multidimensional approaches for urban sustainability followed by Fellows attending few selected sessions from the Urbanization and Global Environmental Change (UGEC) conference, which should serve as direct input to their joint reflection.  The last day of the World Social Science Fellows seminar was dedicated to finalize the work on the article(s) and identify the next steps leading to publication.

The World Social Science Fellows programme seeks to foster a new generation of globally-networked research leaders who will collaborate in addressing global problems with particular relevance for low and middle income countries. Fellows from a diverse range of disciplines participate in seminars to discuss and design interdisciplinary perspectives on priority topics. Fellows take the lead for most of the work and discussions at seminars; working with international leading specialists, policy makers, practitioners, activists, and other relevant stakeholders to enrich the reflections. Meet the Fellows of Sustainable Urbanisation II

To know more, see the link: Concept Note – Sustainable Urbanization II – Taiwan