NASA visits IRDR host organisation RADI to prepare joint projects

On 13 November, RADI Director-General and CAS Member GUO Huadong received a visiting US delegation headed by NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden. The NASA delegation visited the demonstration hall of Digital Earth science platform, the Airborne Remote Sensing Center and remote sensing satellite operation & management system, as well as the international S&T platforms hosted by RADI, including IRDR.

US delegation headed by NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden visits RADI (Photo: RADI)
US delegation headed by NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden visits RADI (Photo: RADI)

Prof. Guo briefed the US visitors on the strategic positioning, current and planned science operations, research findings, human resource development and international cooperation programmes of RADI. He also reviewed the cooperation of the two sides on Earth observation, and pointed out recent developments and new cooperative intentions of the Sino-US collaboration on Earth observation of Himalayan Glacier and disasters. His greetings were followed by a report on the preparations of a CAS-NASA workshop on glacier remote sensing to be held in January 2015, by Ms. LIU Jie, Director of RADI’s Department of International Cooperation Office.

Charles F. Bolden gave a brief account of NASA regarding its mission, strategic framework, research priority and future planning, with emphasis on Mars exploration, Moon bases and international collaboration.

The two sides reached the consensus that the two parties shared the common mission and enjoyed good cooperative prospects in space Earth science, and expressed the hope to jointly run a successful Sino-US workshop so as to achieve substantial results in the cooperation of Himalayan Glacier and secondary disasters remote sensing and to explore new fields of cooperation.

Source: RADI/CAS