IRDR’s International Centre of Excellence for Risk Education and Learning (PeriPeri U) launches new website

IRDR’s International Centre of Excellence for Risk Education and Learning, the Partners Enhancing Resilience for People Exposed to Risks (Periperi U) Consortium formally launched the new version of Periperi U website to allow for a more interactive and user friendly platform to advertise the partnerships’ activities and accomplishments.

Periperi U is a partnership of African universities that spans the continent, and is committed to building local disaster risk related capacity. Established in 2006, with five original members, the consortium has grown to ten universities from ‘Algiers to Antananarivo’, with institutions located in Algeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

The new PeriPeri U website, developed by Netmechanic, will provide information about the consortium, its mission, its goals and its collective achievements, as well as provide details about the individual partner institutions, their unique academic and research focuses and promote their outputs and achievements. It will also feature research, publications, literature and academic theses and will soon develop an online library service which can be accessed by the staff and students of PeriPeri U partner institutions.

Periperi U members work closely with many governmental partners as well as with bilateral and multilateral organisations and nongovernmental organisations to strengthen strategic capacities to reduce and manage contextually relevant disaster risks.

Periperi U was designated by the IRDR Science Committee as IRDR ICoE for Risk Education and Learning (IRDR ICoE-REaL) last June 2014  during its 11th SC Meeting in Beijing, China. The Periperi U Consortium located at the Research Alliance for Disaster and Risk Reduction (RADAR), Stellenbosch University, South Africa, aims to collaboratively advance and strengthen disaster risk education, both within Africa and beyond.

As part of the IRDR network, the new ICoE-REaL joins a distinct group of ICoEs that are established in different parts of the world. These Centres augment and support the various projects of IRDR and contribute to making IRDR’s further development possible and sustainable.

Learn more: PeriPeri U website