IRDR at International Workshop on High Impact Weather Research

The World Meteorological Organisations (WMO), its World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) and the Tropical Cyclone Programme (TCP) are convening the International Workshop on High Impact Weather Research in Ningbo, China, on 20-23 January 2015. The workshop is being organized by in cooperation with CMA’s State Key Laboratory of Severe Weather.

The workshop will be a forum to present and discuss new ideas, research findings, observations, field programs and operational forecast techniques related to high impact weather. The overarching objective of the workshop is to improve our understanding of high impact weather events and its predictability. A better understanding of high impact weather events such as heavy rainfall, severe thunderstorms, typhoons etc. leads to more accurate forecasts and better guidance for risk managers, both aspects considered critical to mitigate the adverse impacts of these weather hazards. The workshop will include keynote lectures, contributed papers and posters. Papers are solicited on aspects related of High Impact Weather such as:
(a) Observations and field programs related to HIWR,
(b) Tropical cyclones,
(c) Heavy monsoon rainfall, mesoscale convection, lightning and severe thunderstorm,
(d) Impact of Tibetan Plateau on weather,
(e) Dynamics and Predictability of HIW

IRDR has been invited to present opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations in the context of the Memorandum of Understanding between WWRP Societal and Economic Research Applications (SERA).