IRDR releases Newsletter Vol. 6 No. 1

In this issue of the IRDR newsletter, we feature IRDR in major events such as the Tokyo Conference on International Study for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience,  negotiations towards the post-2015, and regional preparations for 3rd WCDRR.

This issue also covers the Working Groups Activities (AIRDR, DATA, FORIN and RIA), IRDR International Centres of Excellence (ICoEs), National Committees (NCs) and Science Committees (SC), network and partnership highlights, activities of IRDR host institutions in China, new publications and events.

Contents of Vol. 6 No. 1:

  • Tokyo Conference Calls for Greater S&T Inclusion in Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustained Development
  • IRDR and negotiations towards the post-2015
  • IRDR and regional preparations for 3rd WCDRR
  • Working Groups Activities – (Assessment of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (AIRDR): new reports, Disaster Loss Data (DATA), Risk Interpretation and Action (RIA), Forensic Investigations of Disasters (FORIN)
  • IRDR International Centres of Excellence (ICoEs) – ICoE Taipei, IRDR ICoE on Risk Education and Learning (REaL), IRDR ICoE on Community Resilience, IRDR ICoE in Risk Interpretation and Action (IRDR ICoE-RIA), London
  • IRDR National Committees (NCs) – IRDR 1st Consultative Meeting of National Committees held in London, BNHCRC (IRDR Australia), IRDR Canada, IRDR Colombia, IRDR France, IRDR Germany
  • IRDR Science Committee (SC) – IRDR’s 12th SC Meeting discusses collaborations and strategies for core projects
  • Network and Partnerships – ICSU ROLAC
  • Activities of IRDR Host Institute (RADI)
  • New IRDR Publications
  • Upcoming Events

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