Disaster Risk: A Future Agenda for Integrative Science

UKDC-Resilience is a consortium of four international centres of excellence on hazards, risk and resilience research, all located in the UK: The Cabot Centre, University of Bristol; The Institute of Hazards, Risk and Resilience, Durham University; The Centre for Integrated Research on Risk and Resilience, King’s College London, and The Institute for Risk and Disaster Risk Reduction, University College London.

UKDC-Resilience’s combined commitment is for innovative and policy relevant research. It is important for research and research funding to support policy by encouraging all researchers, including trainees, to communicate and engage with non-academic partners. There should be more focus on multi-disciplinary work linking science, social science and the arts, and involving public engagement. UKDC-Resilience suggest that priority research topics include: better understanding compound and individual extreme events and how they may occur in ‘cascades’; uncertain risks and their impact on interconnected systems and the significance of rights and responsibilities. Science impact mechanisms include communication, partnerships and training.