IRDR ICoE in Colombia convenes symposium on local DRM jointly with National Committee and partners

The IRDR International Centre of Excellence on Understanding Risk and Safety, based at the Institute of Environmental Studies of National University of Colombia at Manizales, and led by IRDR SC member Omar Dario Cardona, is organizing the “Interdisciplinary Symposium on Adaptation and the Local Disaster Risk Management: The State-of-the-Art, the Practice of Management and the Experience of Manizales”. The event will be held that at the National University at Manizales City, Colombia, from 25 to 27 of May 2015.

Each year landslides in Colombia cause loss of life and widespread damage to towns and cities. Many of the major cities, such as Bogotá, Medellin and Manizales, have experienced rapid, uncontrollable expansion of the population over the past few decades, due to migration from the rural areas to urban centres.
Each year landslides in Colombia cause loss of life and widespread damage to towns and cities.

This event will have institutional support of the IRDR National Platform of Colombia (the UNGRD affiliated the Presidency of the Republic), the Adaptation Fund, the UNISDR, and financial support of the Integrated Disaster Risk Management Initiative of Manizales, that has been developed during the last three years through a collaboration between the National University and the Regional Environment Corporation, CORPOCALDAS.

The symposium is conceived of as a regional event with international, national and local speakers; the main working language will be Spanish. Manizales is well-known also beyond the region for its innovative approaches in the areas of Disaster Risk Management and also in climate change adaptation. This event is free, but due to the expected interest by experts and interested stakeholders alike it is necessary to register in advance until May 15th.

IRDR is increasing its collaborative work with local and municipal actors to reduce disaster risk through appropriate awareness of the options offered by science and technology, as witnessed also in the project to be launched by ICoE Taipei.

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