IRDR partner GEM launches new cycle of training and scenario workshops

The Kandilli Observatory And Earthquake Research Institute (KOERI), a partner for GEM in Turkey and with a special role in the “Earthquake Model of the Middle East region” hosted the capacity building and scenario workshop from 14-17 April 2015. The workshop aims at facilitating the scientific and technical collaborations with local experts, where six city scenarios are discussed. Also the use of the OpenQuake-engine for running hazard and risk calculations will be explained.

The programme of the workshop included (1) presenting the hazard and risk products (models, datasets, tools); (2) facilitating local experts in performing seismic hazard and risk calculations using the OpenQuake-engine (3) running probabilistic and scenario assessments with participants; (4) introducing integrated risk assessment approaches.

IRDR SC members, such as Omar D., Cardona, sit on the GEM Science Board, while the Executive Director is representing IRDR on the Governing Board. The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) aims to effectively contribute to enable commitments to disaster risk reduction under the proposed HFA2 by providing communities and organizations with state-of-the-art tools and data, technology transfer and training and risk assessment projects.

For more information on GEM, see Global Earthquake Model: Playing a role in DRR