Royal Society event pushes for science as basis for implementing Sendai

Royal Society has published the summary note which reflects some of the conclusions of a meeting of international disaster risk experts co-sponsored by UNISDR, the International Council for Science (ICSU), IRDR, and the UK Collaborative on Development Science (UKCDS).

The meeting was co-chaired by Margareta Wahlström, Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction of the UN Secretary-General, and by Professor Geoffrey Boulton, Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), on behalf of the Royal Society. The meeting aimed to:

(a) initiate detailed discussions about the Sendai Framework, its scientific elements and its implementation,

(b) identify principles for scientific engagement in the Sendai Framework, and

(c) suggest processes for the development of a ‘road map’ to guide this engagement.

For the summary note, see: