Periperi U Community Risk Assessment Short Course 16-20 November 2015

Stellenbosch University, a partner of the Periperi U consortium, will be hosting their well regarded Community Risk Assessment Short course. For more information and to register click here.

Key Content Areas:

  • Role of CRA in development planning/ risk reduction
  • Principles, practice and ethics of CRA
  • Introduction to critical data sources for assessing risk
  • Capturing and mapping spatial data using GPS
  • Introduction to participatory CRA methods
  • Conducting a preliminary scoping exercise
  • Applied CRA: Fieldwork in an informal settlement
  • Effective analysis/consolidation of CRA findings
  • Effective communication of CRA findings
Key Outcomes:

  • Demonstrated capacity to conduct a Community Risk Assessment as form of participatory action research.
  • Strengthened understanding of role of community based disaster risk management in effective risk reduction and integrated development planning.
  • Built capacity in core skills and knowledge areas underpinning risk assessment, application of appropriate assessment methods, collection of primary, secondary and spatial data.
  • Strengthened skills in communicating risk assessment findings including community feedback, written reports and formal presentations.
  • Certificate of competence awarded (NQF Level 6)