Post-bushfire: Gaining knowledge after the disaster

img_5858_webResearch funded under the programme of Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centres (BNHCRC), the IRDR National Committee for Australia, has produced a range of new publications during July and August 2015.

David Bruce, Communication manager at BNHCRC, published ” Post-incident research – gaining knowledge after the event” in the Australian Journal of Emergency Management, Volume 30, Issue 3 2015, on information collected in post-event studies such as those undertaken following major bushfire events.

Research activities that follow major natural hazards are coordinated nationally by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC for emergency services organisations. This research has provided fundamental information for these organisations on what drives community behaviour during an emergency event, the policies that relate to the protection of lives and property, and the effectiveness of those policies. Until now, bushfire has been the hazard in focus, but the scope is about to broaden to other natural hazards with a broader set of research possibilities.