Periperi U leads DRR in higher education session at ANIE conference

ANIE – the African Network for the Internationalization of Education – convenes their conference October 7-9th in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The 6th ANIE conference is co-organized by Periperi U (IRDR ICoE-REaL based at Stellenbosch University in South Africa); this year it focuses on the role of higher education in advancing the MDGs and SDGs. The ANIE conference welcomes more than 250 participants – an increase of nearly 300% over the conference in 2013.

On Thursday, October 8th, Dr. Ailsa Holloway, Director of RADAR (Periperi U’s host and secretariat) participates in a plenary panel discussion titled: What did African Universities contribute to the MDGs? How can they contribute to the SDGs? 

Then the conference breaks into tracks. Track 1  – Extending connections: reinforcing resilience by mobilising higher education in Africa – A Partnership for Change – continues for the rest of the day, focusing on various aspects and sectors within disaster risks and the role of higher education and disaster risk reduction.

Dr. Shuaib Lwasa, IRDR SC Vice Chair, wraps up this session by discussing emerging post-2015 science developments in a presentation titled: Optimising Opportunities for International Engagement with Disaster Risk Science.