IRDR is to be a co-sponsor of the 2nd Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Science Conference in Beijing

PEEX is a multidisciplinary, multi-scale research initiative aiming at resolving the major uncertainties in Earth System and Global Sustainability Science. PEEX is especially concerned with Arctic and Pan-Eurasian regions. The vision of PEEX is to solve interlinked global grand challenges, such as climate change, air quality, biodiversity loss, chemicalization, food security, energy production and fresh water supply. The ultimate goal is to influence human well-being and societies in Pan-Eurasia in an integrative way, recognizing the significant role of boreal and Arctic regions in the context of global change.
The conference is a scientific platform to discuss further steps for implementing the PEEX Science Plan, and explore better scientific approaches to global sustainable development. It is aiming to promote PEEX as a next-generation natural sciences and socio-economic research initiative. PEEX will rely on excellent multi-disciplinary science with clear impacts on future environmental, socio-economic and demographic development of the region. It serves as a scientific community building novel infrastructures in those areas. In this conference, we will focus on, but not limit ourselves to, the themes of observation, data management, technological infrastructure, processing and modeling, and impacts, adaptation and administration. Scientists, technologists, and managers from around the world with enthusiasm for tackling global sustainable development will be able to exchange knowledge and experiences, and share new methods, technologies and applications related to the PEEX vision.
In 2013, an initiative was launched jointly building “the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road” (abbreviated as “the Belt and Road”, or B&R for short). It has since attracted close attention globally. Accelerating the formation of the Belt and Road can help promote the economic prosperity of not only the countries along the Belt and Road but people around the world, strengthening cooperation in science and technology. This is a unique opportunity for PEEX to explore cooperation in the sustainable development of environments along the Belt and Road. PEEX could prove a framework for solving environmental problems in the Belt and Road countries, and become a community of shared interests. Therefore, the 2nd PEEX Science Conference will be held following the International Conference on Earth Observation for the Belt and Road Initiative, which will be convened in Beijing 16-17 May 2016.

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