The 6th International Building Resilience Conference 2016 will be held in Auckland 7-9th September 2016.

The 6th International Building Resilience Conference 2016 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand 7-9th of September, 2016. The vibrant annual international Building Resilience Conference series brings together researchers, educators and industry practitioners involved in natural hazards and disaster resilience across the globe, providing participants with a strong platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, disciplinary reflections, institutional exchange and collective growth.

The 6th International Building Resilience Conference 2016, with the theme “Building Resilience to Address the Unexpected” is proudly organized jointly by the University of Auckland’s Centre for Disaster Resilience, Recovery and Reconstruction, and the Construction Management Groups at Massey University and the University of  Auckland. The Building Resilience Conference is an annual international conference exploring resilience as a useful framework of analysis for how society can cope with the threat of natural and human induced hazards. This is the sixth event in the Building Resilience Conference series and follows on from previous successful events.

IRDR Scientific Committee members S.H.M. Fakhruddin and Virginia Murray will present papers. If you are interested in this conference, please check the website