RIF-Asia Call for Partners!

The Asia-Pacific region is home to 40 per cent of all natural disasters and 84 per cent of people affected by natural disasters worldwide. With the region facing such a magnitude of humanitarian and development challenges, there is need for innovation and collaboration to ‘solve the unsolved’.

RIF-Asia is a creative forum for fostering multi-sectoral partnerships to “solve the unsolved” problems that are hindering disaster risk reduction (DRR) and humanitarian efforts in the Asia region. RIF will bring together local practitioners and thought leaders from countries across the region to identify and develop solutions to challenges from the field and show-case some of the region’s key innovation practices.

RIF-Asia will provide a facilitated space to develop innovative solutions to regional challenges through collaboration between partners from civil society, the private sector, government and academia. The goal is to generate specific innovation projects – and the partnerships that will bring them to reality.

RIF-Asia is now calling for partners for the 2016 event. If your business or organization would be interested in partnering to support the Regional Innovation Forum-Asia please contact us rif-asia@outlook.com

Register your interest to attend RIF-Asia here:

Download the poster: RIF_Asia Call for Partners