Register for The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) Story Maps Competition

As part of the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU), EUROGEO has today announced two new competitions to be held in conjunction with Esri and the International Geographic Union Commission for Geographic Education. Entrants can win up to 1500 euros.

  • Competition for high schools

We invite high school students (ages 15-19) with a story to tell to submit their Story Map for the competition. The story should examine how the local relates to the global. Stories can include video, photography, text, data and sounds. Find out more

  • Competition for university students

University students (of all ages) are invited to share the results of research they have undertaken as part of their studies. Data should be presented in ways to help others understand the purpose of the research and its findings. Find out more

High school and college age students are invited to share their perspectives and research on topics associated with global understanding by creating story maps that examine and address the ways in which we inhabit our increasingly globalized world. The story maps you create should relate to the Key Messages of the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) and be developed under one (or more) of their six themes for the year.

  1. Eating/drinking/surviving
  2. Moving/staying/belonging
  3. Working/housing/urbanizing
  4. Communicating/networking/interacting
  5. Wasting/recycling/preserving
  6. Sports/entertaining/recreating

If you are high school student (age 15-19) with a story to tell, or a higher education student doing research in one of these areas and are interested in participating, please visit the official competition website to receive an email with instructions on how to submit your story map. The story map can be submitted in any language. However, a summary in English would be very helpful.


Official competition website

Detailed information:

ISSC press release

EUROGEO press release

* IYGU is IRDR’s new collaborator.

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