A Global Outlook on Disaster Science

On November 20, Elsevier has launched an important new report, A Global Outlook on Disaster Science, in partnership with global experts and leading international institutions, including IRDR. The report displays an analysis of global disaster science scholarly output and specific topics being studied within research on different types of disasters. One of the most novel analyses presented in the report is the examination of disaster science in the context of the human toll and economic burden of natural disasters. The study also provides more insights on disaster science research conducted in 10 individual countries, in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, revealing which disaster types are researched and where.

Dr. Shuaib Lwasa, Chair of IRDR Scientific Committee, accepted the interview of Elsevier for this report. He demonstrated how he and IRDR have engaged in the field of disaster science. He also gave comments on the role that science plays in disaster risk reduction and provided an outlook of where disaster science will be by 2030 given the Sendai Framework timeline.

Prof. Rajib Shaw, the former Executive Director of IRDR,  also contributed on Chapter 2 Country focus on disasters and disaster science.

Download the report here, and view some key findings of the A Global Outlook on Disaster Science report in the infographic and white paper. Follow the conversation by joining Elsevier’s Mendeley group.