UNISDR Stakeholder Consultation Meeting 20-21 February 2018

The Stakeholder Consultation Meeting of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction was held mainly by UNISDR on Feb 20-21, 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland. Gordon McBean (ICSU president), Anne-Sophie Stevance(ICSU), Shuaib Lwasa(IRDR SC Chair), Rajib Shaw (IRDR SC member and UNISDR STAG Chair) and Virginia Murray(IRDR SC member) attended the meeting.


The stakeholder engagement mechanism for the implementation of SFDRR was drafted and discussed during the meeting. It aims to create an open and structured avenue for close engagement of stakeholders with UNISDR and strengthen an inclusive and broad movement for SFDRR. A “UNISDR Stakeholder Advisory Group” was also proposed.


IRDR will stay with UNISDR and ICSU and keep on supporting the comprehensive implementation of SFDRR.