2018 IRDR China Annual Meeting

2018 IRDR China Annual Meeting was held on 27 March in Beijing. This meeting was chaired by Prof. GUO Huadong, the academician of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) and the chair of IRDR China.

The first session is the reports from CAST (donor of IRDR), IRDR IPO and IRDR China Secretariat. Mr. WANG Qinglin, the deputy director of International Communication Department of CAST, delivered a report about the vision of international collaboration of science and technology organizations. Mr. HAN Qunli, the Executive Director of IPO, introduced the main achievement and future plans of IRDR. Prof. CHEN Fang, the secretary general of IRDR China, reported the 2017 Annual Report of IRDR China.

The second session is the reports from six working groups of IRDR China, namely Integrated Research on Earthquake and Geologic Disaster Risk, Integrated Research on Flood and Drought Risk, Integrated Research on Cyclone Risk, Integrated Research on Climate Change Induced Disaster Risk, Integrated Research on Urban Disaster Risk, and Assessment of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk of China. Theses working groups undertake and participate some national or international science and technology programmes and projects. Academic papers and policy briefs with high quality were published. New applications and tools were proposed, created and used.

The third session is the discussion on how to promote the integrated research on disaster and risk in the concept of IRDR China. Experts from various disciplines proposed several scientific problems and research objectives in order to better serve the DRR in national, regional and global levels as a think tank.

Prof. Guo wrapped up the meeting and emphasized the contribution of science and technology to the implementation of SFDRR and SDGs.

In this meeting, Series Reports on “Belt and Road” Integrated Research on Disaster Risk–Disaster Risks and Response Strategies in the Process of Urbanization in China(Chinese version)was published.