44 young researchers are accepted as IRDR Young Scientists

The 3rd round application of IRDR Young Scientists Programme closed on Feb 28, 2018.  After the evaluation of  IRDR Young Scientists Programme Panel, 44 young researchers from 24 countries were proposed to be accepted as IRDR Young Scientists. The result was approved in the 19th IRDR Scientific Committee Meeting in this month.

These young scientists have a wide diversity of academic background. Their fields of study include geotechnical engineering, climate change and adaption, environmental risk assessment, human geography, disaster management, etc.. IRDR will link these young scientists with IRDR Scientific Committee and International Centres of Excellence and encourage them to participate the training programmes and other events organised by IRDR network. IRDR will also link them with some IRDR partners on the several DRR early career programmes like UN Major Group for Children & Youth Science-Policy Interface Platform-Young Scientists Platform on DRR to support their DRR research.

There are 116 young scientists engaged in IRDR Young Scientists Programme.  They are active and innovative in the DRR research.