IRG-Project translated IRDR FORIN Report

Download: [EN][SP][CN]

IRDR FORIN Report Forensic Investigations of Disasters (FORIN): a conceptual framework and guide to research has been translated into Chinese recently by IRG-Project and reviewed by IRDR IPO.

This is FORIN’s second major publication. It both articulates a conceptual framework for understanding disaster risk, and codifies and presents a set of methodological principles to identify and analyse processes of risk construction.  The Spanish version was launched by the Regional Office of Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Council of Science, in joint efforts with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador.

The Integrated Risk Governance Project is a ten-year international effort in risk research to improve the management of new risks that exceed current coping capacities. IRG was launched by the  IHDP (International Human Dimensions Programme), and became a core project of Future Earth in March 2015.