In pursuit of effective flood risk management in the Mekong Region

This is a joint SEI and SUMERNET discussion brief authored by Micheal Boyland as part of his research plan for IRDR Young Scientist. It is also an output from the IRDR ICoE-TDDR.

The Sustainable Mekong Research Network (SUMERNET) is an initiative for research and policy engagement bringing together research partners working on sustainable development in the countries of the Mekong Region: Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. In a context of the rapidly changing Mekong Region, there is a need to use scientific evidence in policy-making for sustainable development. Launched in 2005, SUMERNET is a network of organizations in the Mekong Region that supports policy-relevant research and outreach activities to inform and engage policy-makers, planners and stakeholders. Within this context, it pursues an evolving agenda in response to questions and policy issues that arise in the region.

Based on a literature review, this brief identifies gaps and potential future research areas for more effective flood management in the Mekong Region.

This brief presents the key findings and recommendations of a review of the literature that seeks to understand the current state of scientific knowledge relevant to flood risk management and governance in the Mekong Region, with the purpose of identifying gaps and potential future research areas.


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Boyland, M. In pursuit of effective flood risk management in the Mekong Region. Brief. Stockholm Environment Institute, Asia, Bangkok, Thailand.