HIWeather ICO visited IRDR IPO for further cooperation

HIWeather International Coordination Office visited IRDR International Programme Office on 4 November 2019 for further collaboration. The High Impact Weather project (HIWeather) is a ten year activity within the World Weather Research Programm.

The Executive Director of IRDR Prof. Qunli Han updated IRDR recent activities especially on the Science and Policy Forum in 2019 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, the 22nd IRDR Scientific Committee Meeting and the IRDR Working Paper series. He also introduced the renewed IRDR Action Plan including the DRR research agenda and the 2020 IRDR Science Conference.

The Co-chair of HIWeather Steering Group Prof. David Johnston shared their newly-launched website (http://www.hiweather.net/). After several internal meetings, five Task Groups were established with the following research themes: Predictability and processes; Multi-scale forecasting of weather-related hazards; Impacts, vulnerability and risk; Communication; User-oriented evaluation. There are over 100 scientists from 25-30 countries active in the HIWeather projects.

For the cooperation toward science and policy interface, IRDR and HIWeather agree to work together under the umbrella of ISC and WMO in the global level. Meanwhile in the national level, HIWeather would like to learn experience from IRDR NC for institutional setting and encourage individual to bring their own national impact. HIWeather would like to have joint session or side events on cross-cutting in the 2020 IRDR Conference.

To delivery the integrated knowledge, HIWeather could share the research of the task groups through the IRDR Working Paper Series for the series have received high download. Both IRDR and HIWeather value the young scientists and emphasis the capacity building on the young generation. IRDR and HIWeather could co-organize training workshops and broadcast the activities to the young scientists through the young scientists programme.

In the end of meeting, HIWeather invited IRDR IPO to visit its ICO. The HIWeather ICO Executive Director Prof. Qinghong Zhang and Secretary Ms. Liye Li, IRDR IPO Science Officer Ms. Fang Lian and Administrative Officer Ms. Lang Lang together joined the meeting.