IRDR Working Paper Series (Vol. 2)

This Working Paper Series is a new publication of Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR), following the decision of the IRDR Scientific Committee in April 2019 to act to ‘Expand IRDR Network and Scientific Output’ (No. 5 of the IRDR Action Plan 2018-2020).

This Working Paper Series is thus specially made to facilitate the dissemination of the work of IRDR NCs, ICoEs, YS and institutions and individual experts that IRDR considers relevant to its mission and research agenda, and of important values for much broader range of audience working in DRR domains. As one will notice, all working papers in this series has anchored their relevance and contributions of their work toward SFDRR, IRDR, SDGs and Paris Agreement on climate change. It is the hope of the authors of the working papers and IRDR that this working paper series will not only bring new knowledge, experience and information toward disaster risk reduction, but also helped build better coherence of DRR with the mainstream agenda of UN today toward inclusive, resilient and sustainable human societies.

The Volumn 1 was launched in 2019 Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR).

The Volumn 2 launched now includes three papers: