DATA Events


  • 18-19 January: Linked Open Data for Global Disaster Risk Research White Paper Team Meeting  Hosted by CODATA/LODGD Task Group & RADI/CAS.  IRDR SC Member Dr. Sisi Zlatanova made the presentation Next Generation Disaster Data Infrastructure.



  • 15 November (Sanya, China): DATA session at the International Workshop on Disaster Risk and Mitigation hosted by IRDR China
  • 29 September – 1 October (South Carolina, USA): 2nd meeting of the DATA Project Working Group


  • 29 & 31 November (Taipei, China): DATA Project Working Group participants were involved in two special technical sessions at the 23rd International CODATA Conference:
    • 29 October – IRDR and the DATA Project to the Broader Community:
      Chair: Sálvano Briceño (Introduction IRDR and IRDR DATA)
      Presenters: Angelika Wirtz (The Data Landscape) and Susan Cutter (The Need of Data)
    • 31 October – Global Perspectives on Disaster Databases:
      Chair: Kuniyoshi Takeuchi
      Presenters: Regina Below (Em-Dat – the Global Disaster Loss Database); Daniele Ehrlich, EU-JRC (The Importance of Disaster Loss Data from the EU Perspective); and Adam Smith, NOAA-NCDC (Disaster Loss Data from a County Perspective)