Success of International FORIN Workshops praised by ICSU Regional Office for Latin American and the Caribbean

The International Seminar on Forensic Disaster Investigations (FORIN) was co-sponsored by IRDR; the International Consortium of Landslides (ICL); International Geographical Union; Mexican Academy of Sciences; the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and ICSU ROLAC. It was held on 24-25 February 2014 at the Institute of Geography, UNAM, Mexico City.

The event aimed to examine the FORIN methodology and to apply it to a variety of research activities, management settings or decision-making contexts in the domain of disaster risk reduction and comprehensive disaster risk management in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The seminar was divided into two parts featuring presentations by researchers with extensive experience in the subject during the first part and included Anthony Oliver-Smith, member of the IRDR Science Committe and Co-Chair of IRDR’s FORIN project.  The second part was developed in participatory workshops where all young researchers and practitioners from several countries of the region were able to exchange ideas and experiences. These workshops also allowed for descriptions of specific case studies that facilitated the discussion. The feedback received on the methodology through the lens of case studies will help revising and further fine-tuning the FORIN methodology.

The highlights of the seminar, as reported by the Regional Office, were:

  1. Gathered researchers and practitioners in some of the most important scientific topics of forensic investigations of disasters worldwide;
  2. Ensured a significant participation of young scientists from different backgrounds and countries in the region;
  3. Connected leading scientists in this interdiscioplinary field with young scientist of the region for further cooperation.

(Source: Adapted from ICSU ROLAC New Release