ICSU President chairs Regional Action on Climate Change meeting

Organized in association with the “Sustainability and Climate Change Program” of APRU, the Association of Pacific Rim Universities, the Regional Action on Climate Change (RACC) is a partnership for adaptation to the natural and social impact of regional climate change and hazards through the power of knowledge action networks. For several years now, an annual workshop is held in October in Kyoto, Japan, on the sidelines of the Science and Technology in Society forum (STS forum). This year’s event was chaired by ICSU President and former IRDR Science Committee chair Gordon McBean and revolved around climate change impact and extreme weather conditions.

RACC was created in 2009 as an adjunct session to the STS forum to discuss the challenges climate change poses for governments, organizations and regions as they develop adaptation strategies. The universality of the climate change problem has called forth a global community of researchers and practitioners whose social techniques and technical tools can help local leaders address the great challenges of environment and development with which climate change is intertwined. RACC is based on Knowledge Action Networks that connect the global science, technology, and policy communities to realize locally applicable solutions. The RACC facilitates solution-oriented dialogue and partnership between city mayors, corporate leaders, governmental agencies, engineers and scientists, as in last year’s meeting on coastal cities and the risks they face from climate change and natural hazards.

The 2014 event heard numerous high-level papers. The IRDR community was represented by SC member Kuniyoshi Takeuchi, who spoke on preparedness and planning.