International Symposium on Risk Communication

Sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Japan Science and Technology Agency JST, this workshop which was held at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Tokyo, looked into research and application perspectives for new work on risk communication.


The objective statement stated, “The Great East Japan Earthquake brought extensive damage to Japan as a result of ensuing earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear plant accidents. The complication and the confusion that arose from these crises underscores the need for better understanding of decision-making processes and communication among scientists, policy makers and the public. This symposium enables world class researchers in risk communication to present cutting edge research findings on how best to communicate and manage risk under uncertainty.”

Speakers at this strategic workshop included, notably, the Ann Bostrom from the University of Washington, co-chair of the IRDR RIA Working Group (“Risk Interprepation and Action”), and David Johnston from Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand, Chair of the IRDR Science Committee.