Call for Applications: World Social Science Fellows Seminar on Sustainable Urbanization

The International Social Science Council (ISSC) calls for applications from outstanding early career social scientists around the world to become World Social Science Fellows and participate in a World Social Science Seminar on Sustainable Urbanization: Urban governance to tackle urban poverty and environmental sustainability on 9-13 September 2015 in Durban, South Africa.

The seminar discussion will be guided by the adoption of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals by the UN that includes an urban goal, namely Goal number 11 which states: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. This includes “enhancing inclusive and sustainable urbanization and capacities for participatory, integrated and sustainable human settlement planning and management in all countries”, as well as “by 2030, ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services, and upgrade slums”, “reducing the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities” and “supporting positive economic, social and environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural areas by strengthening national and regional development planning”.

Some key questions arise: What does this mean for how cities formulate strategies and integrated development plans? What does it mean for service delivery systems, particularly given that this means supporting innovations on scale? What type of governance and institutional changes need to be implemented to foster inclusive urban sustainability processes? What does it mean for advocacy and direction, especially in societies where there is limited democratic space for this? What does it mean for social learning through experimentation and the institutionalization of innovations?

Candidates from across all world regions who are deeply familiar with their own local/regional contexts to address the challenge posed by Goal 11 are invited to apply. Their familiarity must take the form of case studies that are not merely descriptive, but rooted in a clearly articulated conceptual framework that contributes to the global debate about sustainable urbanization. It is essential that candidates are interested in developing this knowledge into new, interdisciplinary perspectives at the seminar.

Deadline for submission of applications: 8 June 2015, 00.00 hrs GMT

More details on how to apply is found here