RADAR Short Course on Community Risk Assessments – Apply by 8th June 2015

From 29 June – 3 July 2015, Stellenbosch University, member of the Periperi U consortium (IRDR International Centre of Excellence for Risk Education and Learning – ICoE REaL) will be hosting a short course training session on Community Risk Assessments, focussing on South African informal settlements. The course, conducted biannually, focuses on strengthening community-based risk assessment capabilities in disaster-prone informal settlements. The course gives priority to assessing household and community risks using a range of participatory methods as well as other quantitative and spatial risk-related data.

This course has proven to be very useful and relevant to disaster management practitioners working in at-risk communities, local councillors / political leaders. However, the course is equally important for development practitioners, as well as those concerned with capacity-building, poverty reduction or sustainable development. During the course one will also have the opportunity to work alongside South African, African and other international participants who work in the field of disaster risk management and risk reduction.

Important Information
– Course Cost: R7000.00 / +-USD 600.00
– Course duration: 5 days
– Course instruction in English
– Certificate of competence (5 credits) issued upon successful completion of take-home assignment
– Various local accommodation options are available. Transport provided to and from course venue each day by prior arrangement.
– Visas are required for most foreign visitors. Please check with your local South African consulate (No health info or inoculations required).

For more information, check the events page  or
contact the course facilitator Mrs Patricia Zweig  patriciazweig@sun.ac.za

Registration is online until the 8 June 2015.