IRDR ICoE-Taipei 2016 Annual Report was released on Annual ICoE-Taipei Science Advisory Board Meeting


2016 Annual ICoE-Taipei Science Advisory Board (SAB) Meeting was held on Jan 11, 2017 in Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Taipei.

Presenters including: i) Members: Gordon McBEAN (Chair), Hongey CHEN, Liang-Chun Chen, Mohd. Nordin HASAN, Chao-Han LIU, Ching-Hua LO, Haruo HAYASHI and Hassan VIRJI; ii) Ex Officio: Pao-Kuan WANG, Shih-Chun Candice LUNG (Executive Director of ICoE-Taipei); iii) Guest: Ex Officio of ICSU, Charles ERKENLENS; EX Officio of IRDR SC, Rajib SHAW (Executive Director of IRDR IPO), Ex Officio of NCDR, Wei-sen LI.

In the opening session, Chair Gordon McBEAN welcome members/guests and introduced new SAB member Prof. Haruo HAYSHI. In the following topics, ICoE-Taipei 2016 Annual Report and Long-term Strategic Document were released and discussed. ICoE-Taipei Activities were presented, including 1) Advanced Institutes with Seed Grants; 2) Flagship Projects; 3) Workshop on Psychological Intervention after Disasters; 4) Pan-Asia Risk Reduction (PARR) Fellowship Programme; 5) the 2nd Workshop to Strengthen Scientific Advisory Capcacities for Disaster Risk; 6) Visiting Scientist Programme.

The Chair thanked the ICoE-Taipei Director and staff for their contributions over the past year and hosting the SAB meeting. The Director on behalf of ICoE-Taipei appreciated all inputs and comments form the members.