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IRDR in partnership with the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), hosted the 2nd IRDR Conference, under the theme “Integrated Disaster Risk Science: A Tool for Sustainability,” from 7 – 9 June 2014 in Beijing, China.  The Conference placed emphasis on the importance of science as a tool to address hazard risks and issues of sustainable development.  For a summary of conference results, see: Conference Summary, Outcomes and Way Forward.

Through a series of plenaries and break-out sessions dealing with the challenges of implementing integrated disaster risk research, inter-organisational collaboration, and interaction with policy-makers, as well as the coordination with activities aimed at promoting sustainable development and climate change adaptation. Sessions addressed the full range of environmental hazards, vulnerability, and sustainability, in both global and local contexts.

The IRDR Conference 2014 brought together some 200 leading experts and some of the best of an emerging cohort of young researchers in the field of disaster risk reduction from all academic and professional backgrounds to help create a “global IRDR community,” and bring continued worldwide attention to the IRDR programme.

See below for the presentations and abstracts; you can download the abstracts here: IRDR Conference 2014 Abstract Book

For a conference report, see: 2nd Integrated Research on Disaster Risk Conference – Integrated Disaster Risk Science: A tool for sustainability. In: Planet@Risk, 2(5), Special Issue for the Post-2015 Framework for DRR: p. 332-336, Global Risk Forum GRF Davos, Davos.






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