IDRiM/DwD Conference – September 2013

Aloha to all Fellow FORINers –

I recently learned that a few people are submitting abstracts to give FORIN-related presentations at this year’s IDRiM/DwD conference in early September ( At last year’s IDRiM conference in Beijing, there were a few people who either directly or indirectly discussed FORIN in their talks…and I think that this topic makes much sense in a conference and for an organization devoted to conducting integrated disaster risk management in a manner that understands and addresses root causes of vulnerability. So I’m wondering whether it might be of interest to submit a few such abstracts together as a panel (or two) so that we might have an entire panel devoted specifically to FORIN studies (either results of those conducted or conceptually about approaches) rather than each getting lost in the shuffle of other panels of unrelated talks.

The deadline for submitting individual abstracts and panel proposals has been extended to 20 April, so we have less than two days to put a proposal together if people are interested. If you are interested, please quickly send me an abstract for your presentation and some key words/concepts that you’ll be covering so that I might quickly synthesize what’s received and submit the proposal by Saturday. Even if you can’t send the abstract yet but are interested, letting me know your interest, your proposed title, and the key words/concepts should be OK as long as the abstract is forthcoming soon.


Dr ‘barefoot bob’ alexander (
Independent Disaster, Climate Change, and Development Risk Reduction Researcher and Consultant
[faculty of the FORIN Advanced Institute in March 2012; currently under contract as Community Resilience Research Consultant with the IFRC Regional Representation in East Africa]

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  1. Good Day Colleagues:

    The IRDR IPO received the following update from Dr Bob Alexander on Thursday, May 30, concerning his proposed FORIN panel during the upcoming IDRiM/DwD Conference:

    “Update: Confirmation has been received from the organizers of the DwD-IDRiM 2013 conference that the proposed panel session on FORIN has been approved. ”

    You can contact Dr Alexander directly for further information at

    With kind regards,

    Kerry-Ann Morris
    IRDR Junior Science Officer/FORIN Listserv Moderator

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