CEDIM’s Annual Research Report 2012 – Focus on Forensic Disaster Analysis in Near Real-Time

Good Day Colleagues:

The Centre for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDIM) published its 2012 Annual Research Report earlier this year, highlighting the implementation of its new research strategy for the years 2012 to 2014: near real-time “Forensic Disaster Analysis” (FDA).

CEDIM’s FDA-approach pursues the same goal as IRDR’s FORIN; however, according to the Report (pg. 5):

“… with its focus on near real-time disaster analyses by interdisciplinary teams, [FDA] adds a new component and is complementary to IRDR’s FORIN. The term “near real-­time” in CEDIM’s FDA means that first reports and analysis results will be provided to end users from science, practice and other groups in only a few hours to days after a catrastrohpic event.”

We welcome you to view the CEDIM Report and provide the list with your feedback. You can download the report here: http://www.cedim.de/download/CEDIM_Annual_Research_Report2012_online.pdf.

With kind regards,

Kerry-Ann Morris
IRDR Junior Science Officer/FORIN Listserv Moderator